Ariadna Detrell
Cluster Manager

Responsible for cluster executive management
She has a PhD in Industrial Organization Engineering, a Diploma in Industrial Chemistry and a Diploma of Advanced Studies, all of them by the Technical University of Catalonia. She has experience in the field of advanced textile materials, research and development projects’ management, innovation projects’ management and in diversification strategies’ development.

Josep Casamada
Responsible for managing cluster projects

He has a Masters in Innovation Management from the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, a Master in Science from the University of Colorado, Chemical engineer and technical industrial engineer from the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. International experience in the field of advanced materials and in research, development and innovation projects’ management.

Miguel Vaz
Business Development

He holds a Master’s degree in Innovation Economics and Management from University of Oporto and a Master’s degree in Applied Microbiology from Catholic University of Portugal. He has relevant experience in business development and management of EU innovation projects across a wide range of fields: from biotech and medical devices, to engineering and nanomaterials.

Mònica Castellà

She has a Masters in EU Projects Design and Management by the Europa Business School. Postgraduate in Business and Economy in East Asia by the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya and a Diploma in Tourism by the Universitat de Girona. She has experience in international projects and in training and helping companies expand their business in Asia Pacific.

Marta Casadesús
Textile technology/Sustainability

PhD in Textile Engineering, Master's degree in Textile Engineering and Diploma in Chemical Engineering by Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya. Experience in research, circular economy, biomaterials and sustainability in the textile sector.

David Gómez
Communication and corporate development

Corporate development and administrative project management
Bachelor in political sciences and public administration. Experienced in administrative project management and communication activities.

Pau Jarne
Communication and corporate development

Degree in Public Relations, Marketing and Advertising Management. Bachelor's Degree in Marketing. Experience in administrative management and communication tasks in European projects.

Raquel Cabello
Communications Officer

Degree in Advertising and PR. Experience in communication management and strategy. Specialized in digital media working for projects at national and international level.