WINTEX Weaving innovation among academia and industry in the Tunisian textile sector

    Program: European Commission ERASMUS+ Capacity Building

    Participation of AEI TÈXTILS: Partner. Partnership integrated by 13 members coming from 5 different EU countries and from Tunisia. Led by Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya.

    Start date: January 2020

    End date: December 2022


    WINTEX project aims to fill the gap in the area of specialized services for the Tunisian textile sector with the establishment of three innovation textile centers located at the participating Universities in Tunisia: University of Sfax, University of Monastir and the Higher Institute of Technological Studies of Ksar Hellal-ISET. These centers will play the role of focal points for the textile sector and relevant stakeholders to bloom innovations and promoting entrepreneurship. The project will promote the collaboration between the participating European organizations and the ones Tunisia, by creating a network, which may benefit the textile industry in the countries involved in the project. WINTEX will implement activities involving capacity building of staff for the new centers, equipping centers, pilot services to promote the knowledge transfer, workshops and the launch of the Academia Textile Industry Council as catalyst of the action.

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