CA17107 – European Network to connect research and innovation efforts on advanced Smart Textiles

    Programme: COST Action

    Participation of AEI TÈXTILS: Grant Holder. Chaired by AEI TÈXTILS’ Cluster Manager, Ariadna Detrell

    Start date: November 2018

    End date: October 2022


    The main objective of CONTEXT is to join efforts at European level to facilitate the market uptake of new advanced textile materials, reducing the gap between research and industry. This goal can only be achieved involving all the major stakeholders of the process: universities, technological centers, industry and end-users under the coordination from one of the main tools which contributes to the improvement of competitiveness and productivity of the different economic sectors in the European environment: the clusters.

    CONTEXT is structured in 6 working groups, 5 of them focused on different applications of advanced textile materials: healthcare/medical, automotive and aeronautics, personal protection, building and living, sports and wearables. The sixth group focus is dissemination and communication.

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